jonathan sanders - paintings & sculpture

"From my early childhood I've had a fascination with Africa and its wildlife, a fascination that began with books about the continent and its inhabitants. The more I read and the more images I saw, I wanted to be part of it, culminating in a childhood dream of becoming a game keeper. My dream of visiting the continent was filfilled some 30 years ago when I first visited East Africa, but upon seeing my first wild animals my instinct was to conserve these majestic creatures by capturing their power and beauty in paintings and sketches.

The majority of the pages of my first sketchbook were covered in drawings of the rhino. This ancient beast fascinated me with its unique size, power and prehistoric appearance and it...

seeking shade

Size: 20 x 24 Inches
Price: £1,250
Oil on panel

fading light

Size: 20 x 48 Inches
Price: £1,950
Oil on panel


Size: 6 x 11 Inches
Price: £225
Cold-cast bronze

rhino and calf

Size: 6 x 12 Inches
Price: £285
Cold-cast bronze