Aldo Balding

Aldo Balding’s paintings are cinematic in scope and narrative in approach, casting the viewer in the role of a detached observer. Whilst the ‘conversation’ pieces encompass shared experiences the single figure works are often more provocative, contemplative and challenging. Although he keeps the era of his pictures timeless he does profess to a weakness for classic clothes on both men and women to emphasise their individual masculinity and femininity.

Aldo was born in Portsmouth and studied at the Southampton College Faculty of Design. After leaving with a diploma in illustration he worked for the next fifteen years or so as a freelance illustrator and portrait painter producing illustrations for Punch, the...

Narrative figurative paintings

Size: From 13" to 28" x 16" to 28" Inches
Price: £ Ranging from £1,950 to £4,500
Oil on canvas