Biography of Bruce Yardley

The son of noted watercolourist John Yardley; Bruce works exclusively in oils, favouring a brisk, impressionist approach. ‘Whenever I have the opportunity to compare a highly finished painting with a briefer study made in preparation I almost always prefer the fresher more spontaneous treatment of the sketches, and this has undoubtedly shaped the way I paint’

His painting inspiration is very clearly the work of the impressionists and he has acquired a painterly language that communicates movement and light with minimum fuss and maximum conviction. His subject matter varies but his paintings in their different ways demonstrate his fascination with light, whether it is the luminosity of the Venetian lagoon, the rainy duplications of wet New York pavements, the polished reflections of wooden or marble floors, or the metallic scintillations of student bicycles. 

Firmly established as a very successful painter, Bruce exhibits widely throughout throughout the UK and as far afield as Auckland in New Zealand and Greenwich in Connecticut

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