Biography of John Yardley

Watercolour is regarded by many as the most demanding of mediums; there is little or no margin for error once the picture is begun, nor is there time for prevarication. In its purest form a watercolour is an expression of an expert and confident hand capable of controlling washes and highlights with apparent ease. Such control does not come quickly or easily; it is the result of many years’ careful application and dedication and there can be no better example of this than the work of John Yardley.

Since John began painting full-time over 30 years ago he has achieved national recognition for his distinctive watercolours through one-man and group exhibitions, books, videos and his very popular painting courses, which are constantly over-subscribed. Throughout those years he has maintained a remarkable level of consistency, painting to the highest possible standard at all times with the freshness and spontaneity that are amongst his hallmarks.

Admired and praised by collectors and recognized by his contemporarie John makes it all seem so effortless; complex background detail is merely suggested but it is nevertheless there for all to see, depth and perspective are created by dramatic contrasts of light and shade, whilst understated but highly effective figures bring each scene to life.




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